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Understanding Cats' Need for Nail Trimmers and Scratch Boards

Cats, known for their grace and agility, possess natural instincts that go beyond their cozy lounging and playful antics. Nail trimming and scratch boards are two essential components that contribute significantly to a cat's well-being.

Do You Need to Trim Your Cat's Nails if You Have a Scratch Pad?

Scratch pads, posts, or boards are wonderful for satisfying a cat's scratching needs, allowing them to stretch and maintain their claws. However, these tools don’t necessarily eliminate the need for nail trimming. Cats' nails, if left untrimmed, can become overgrown and may even curve into their paw pads, causing discomfort or potential health issues. Even with scratch boards, occasional nail trimming is often necessary to maintain proper nail length and health.

Why Do Cats Need Scratching Boards?

Scratching boards serve multiple purposes for cats. They fulfill a cat's natural instinct to scratch and mark their territory. Additionally, regular use of a scratching board helps to shed the outer sheath of the nail, keeping them healthy and preventing overgrowth.

KONG Cat Scratcher - Natural Double Scratcher

The KONG Cat Scratcher - Natural Double Scratcher is an excellent example. Its durable, textured surface offers an ideal outlet for cats to scratch and stretch while maintaining their claws.

Can Cats Scratch Nails Every Day?

Cats naturally engage in scratching behavior to maintain their claws, exercise, and relieve stress. While they might not scratch their nails every single day, having access to a scratching board encourages this instinctual behavior. However, excessive scratching or signs of distress may indicate underlying issues, necessitating a vet visit.